May 09, 2008


Let me give you some background. I kinda was an unofficial adopted buddy of this girl I knew in the University of California Rally Committee. We became fast friends and we'd do some things together. Somewhere in the middle of the year, my pink slip somehow had been transferred to her roommate. Then her roommate and I spent more time together. It didn't eliminate me from my first friend, but it did mean I saw less of her. Her roommate worked at my residence hall cluster so it was much easier to see her than my friend.

But now we're getting into complicated relationship stuff of which I still am confused about.

It was around Christmas time when I received the invitation. It sounded like fun, It'd be my second party of the year. Sure we had done some illegal things in the dorms, but there's only so many people you can meet over and over again. So I arrive, dressed up a little. Shirt, tie. that's about it. But if you knew me, you'd know that I'm an awkward wall flower. For the most part. I actually find it difficult to mingle with groups where everyone knows everyone else, but I only know a third of the people. I actually tend to follow a person for the evening, but that gets kidna creepy. But the party's over, i'm leaving, good bye then.

In the middle of winter, there's this thing called Men's Basketball and there's barely enough people to constitute a rooting section, but locals were usually there, and I had no way of getting home until 12 midnight. So I decided to crash my friend's place for the night. My first friend, the one I mentioned first, was away. Wait... no she wasn't. She was getting ready for a date with some boy she had met on New Year's. I had a thing for her. She was pretty and smart. Well, is, to be correct. But I had no chance at this point. She's still dating him. But that's beside the point. I was thrown two blankets when sleepy time came. I put the Oleg blanket on first, then their new fuzzy, totally awesome blanket. That was warm. The lights went out, everyone retired to their rooms, leaving me in the common area. They forgot to put out the Christmas lights on the wall. No matter, it was like a night light. I rocked to sleep with the patter of gale force rain on the window panes, the word CALIFORNIA was lit up, enblazed in my mind. My eyes drooped, weighted with lead. They were mere slits now, the only thing I could see in my mind was the California Banner.

I woke up, the morning was groggy certainly. I could hear the vehicles in the street leave lines of water in the slick street. A bus would rumble by and you could recgonize its characteristic low rumble from the massive engine. But I stared at the brown couch and to my surprise, there was an unfamiliar shape. It wasn't their cat. It was long and it had long hair. One of my blankets had moved in the night too. Must be Oleg. I put on my glasses, and certainly enough, it was Oleg. I called his name softly. His only response was a soft "phut" from under the blanket. It took me awhile to realize that it was him farting.

I put my jacket on, threw the rugby in my bag, and looked around. No one was awake. Not my friend, or her roommate. I figured i'd see them soon anyways. So I left. I stared up at the windows from the outside and the only thing I could see was CALIFORNIA.

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