October 07, 2007

Thoughts from my voice recorder

Dates recorded: Unknown

1. "Dream log, uh.. I had a apparently was walking through the street and I saw this old junk shop, kind of a low shanty building. Then I suddenly grow excited cause I see and recgonize this white vest and cross belt on it and much to my amazement it was a Cal band uniform with the pants and the top part and the hat. The price for the top and the pants were 33.90 and the hat cost 12.50. Call me crazy but I wonder if these numbers have to do with anything... Ok, well... goodnight.

2. I do not wish to visit a country where the entire language consists of: "Please give me food", "Help me!" and "Look! there's an american. lets steal his pants.

3. You can do it...

4. Random Banjo Sounds

5. Good evening, this is the six o'clock news and I'm Dan Rathers and I endorse the following statement: "Bang, Bang. Skeet... Skeet"

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