October 21, 2007


I always say, a post is long overdue and yet, I do nothing. I just sit in my room and just stare at the computer.

And I just left and came back. For a whole half hour. I'm a terrible person! Gaaaugh.... I'm so easily distracted out here in college. Work is always an option, one that, at first, can be taken fairly lightly and as time goes on, you'll definetly need to step it up. And I just think, i'm turning into that one guy wiht the beer belly and the comb over sitting in an e-z-boy just watching from a bunny ears tv the news or something of that or a similar nature. But then, I hear on the radio that the bunny ears are being phased out at this point. Kinda weird feeling. As a kid, you always grew up with these certain ideals. Safeway and Luckys. Then when Albertsons came along, you got freaked out. That's kinda what i'm feeling at this point, knowing that the ears will be useless. After serving me well for the past 18 years of my life. I recall grandma's tv in her room that used to have the old fashioned pull out knobs and the set channels on the TV. Now that was a tv. Back on those days when they used to be a piece of furniture. Now, everything has reached this threshold of digital confusion and for certain, I'm gonna fall behind in all this foward moving technology. I cant even figure out how to do certain functions on a computer and trying to do so just throws me off at some points.

So what's great about college. Alot of people keep asking me that. As if something really amazing is supposed to happen. Like in all the movies you see portrayed by hollywood. With everyone getting drunk and there be a total plethora of boobies and hot blonde chicks trying get laid with the hot looking guy or the guy who's pretty ugly but owns an entire house. College is nothing like that. So far, its been alot of studying, alot of sleeping, alot of missed sleeping and alot of eating dorm food. If anything, dorm food is disgusting and i can help but find myself lost in a sea of meat loaf, jungle curry and fountain sodas.

But there are its ups. But it varies from college to college. UC Berkeley is nestled into the heart of Berkeley. Without it, Berkeley would probably be just another suburban town located just north of Oakland. The university brings so much life to this area and my dorm is just wedged right here. Wedged in without thought or process. I guess the University owns alot of land and I cant blame them, they've been probably the largest landowners since 1868. But back to where I live. What can I say? Its truly an amazing place, all the shops, tea places, bars and restaurants. It gets crazy. I can say that one person on my floor has vomited in our bathrooms twice as of yesterday. First time, he wandered in drunk and puked all over the door. Second time, at least it happened one floor below me. I guess if I had moved to Cal Poly instead of Berkeley, I would most likely have spent a million less dollars. I'm sure about that. But then again, CP dont have a football team I enjoy watching with friends.

Speaking of friends, I miss the Brownsons alot for certain. Espically when we'd go watch the Bears games. It was a new and sensational feeling. Being the nerdy spaz that I am, I had never been to a collegiate football game in my life. Look at me now, freshman free tickets, UC Rally Com, I get great seats.

Living out here, like 12 miles from home, you would think: Oh hey, that guy's not home sick at all. I totally think that. I'm sure he can survive out and never get sad at all. Not true, I guess i'm starting to really feel the misery and sadness that's associated with this lack of going home. I'm planning going home soon.


newnorth said...

good luck with it all man. I get homesick even when I visit home.

My friend just moved and gave me his tv stand that mounts on the wall. I told my Mom and she asked if it was for a flat screan. lol, oh, the good ol days.

adam said...

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somebody BLONDE! said...

of course you miss us. Not only do you miss us for football, you miss our ancient Hitachi fake wood TV that's older than Danny. You know what else is strange? Luckys seems to be coming back. I've seen their commercials. Have you ever noticed that, even though the name on the store is "Lucky" everybody calls it Lucky's? I've always kinda liked that. And yet people who say Lucky's try to tell me the street is pronounced "Ver-sigh". Hosers.

adam said...

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