September 02, 2007

I have that gut feeling

That very feeling that something may just very well burst forth and just get really messy. I probably can safely say that there are more of us who can feel this pressure building up and I think at least this time, there'll be two sides. Those in favor, and those who still fight for it.

If you have no idea at the moment, I'm speaking of the increasing tension between the tree hippies and the football fans. At this point, even the city of berkeley has begun to attack its own university. First of all, Berkeley would still be a cow shit, farming town without the university. Why do people flock to Berkeley? Because of Telegraph avenue? Well, the only reason Tele is like that is because of the university itself. So now that the city is biting the hand that feeds it, as well as some hill panorama thing, they're arguing over people's safety. The university has proved numerous times that the new sports facility is seismically safe, and will provide an updated and less hazardous training environment.

And yet, despite the proof, Berkeley and the tree sitters refuse to let up.

As for the trees, well, they're university property and they were planted in 1923-1927 during the Howard beautification plan. After the construction of Memorial. Which explains the uniform distance between trees. Now these people have "removed dead limbs" from other trees to make their platforms. Now, to my knowledge, they have damaged other types of trees other than the coast oaks to make their platforms. You kinda see the problem here. They've damaged property for their own needs.

If only we could charge them for vandalizing property, trespassing and squatting. Unfortunately, the University is defined as a "public forum" and therefore, people are allowed to use the property for their own needs, but at this point, they've been living on university property, probably haven't submitted taxes for awhile, therefore not paying the education tax to support the university. You can use the university, if you've help pay for it of course.

But I guess they're wearing down. At first, there were probably maybe around 60, now there remains a mere six. A dedicated few (non-students) living on the university's property for the sake of saving a lower life form than that of man. Call that dedication to a sinking ship.

But back to this gut feeling. I just know at some point during this year, there'll just be a full blown war (I hope). Between us, and them. Them being the tree people.

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