September 09, 2007

Sorry Livia: College Life

Welcome! I read something I like that was on Oh My Livia (see blogroll for link), and I just wanted to do the same thing. My guess is that we're both freshmen in college and certainly at very different schools. Me, UC Berkeley and she, I dont really know. But I wanted to do something similar with what I like and dont like about colleges. (Sorry to her if some of the things are just like hers as well, but I think they're just as awesome.

So here goes.

Top 5 things I love about college

5. The bonding between you and your floor mates. Seriously, I think that some of these people will be your best friends for the next few years. On our floor, we had some pretty crazy activities going on, hallcest, floorcest, dormcest, our own floor orchestra, sushi parties, sleeping in other people's beds, fooling around with people who pass out in front of your door step and throwing things out of the 8th floor window. *cough*soccerball*cough cough*. 'scuse me...

4. The convenience of having a dining common right outside of your building. I swear, its more convenient than most other things. I mean, pull out my ID from my wallet, swipe and i'm good to go and eat food!

3. The option of going to class

2. The Campiniele is such a wonderful place, I've made several sketches of it, being an architecture student of course, and the view is magnificent. I dont know why I forgot my camera that day, but the day I went up was the last day you could even see the golden gate bridge and the rest of the bay area. As usual, Evans hall is an eyesore to look at.

1. The world of culture in Berkeley. It seems that every single culture in the world possibly has managed to mash up into the 40 square miles that is Berkeley. Dancing, chanting, music and Art, its everywhere! I cannot turn my head without being acclaimed as the latest masterpiece of phenomenal tai chi.

Top five things I hate about College

5. Doing my own laundry. I used to make my own little brother do the whole thing, now I have to do it on my own and watch it too and the whole process is like an hour and a half. Maybe more. The first time I did it, it wasn't too bad. i thought there was at least a sky light that had opaque panels that opened to the sky. Then I realized that right above is the DC and upon closer inspection of panels themselves and for heaven's sake! Fluorescent tubes! Biggest let down since that one episode of How I met your Mother.

4. Class in Evans Hall. Other Berkeley students hopefully agree with me on this one. Having sections in an indoor classroom at Evans is like being stuck in the Fishbowl classroom twice back in High School. But walking to class in Evans Hall is almost reminiscent of walking through the death star and taking class in the Death Star. Gaah, talk about dreary. Andre makes up for having class there though.

3. Hearing religious radical yell profanities such as "JESUS HATES MORMONS! JESUS HATES JEWS! JESUS HATES HOMOSEXUALS!" Being as I am, I am offended by all of these comments. Being the Asian bisexual mormon/jew I am, I find total offense from these people. And because of the sixties, they have a right to say that. But I wonder, at what point does the public have the right to use the university to spread their message? I'm sure there's a public threshold and right but to spread such awful ideas.

2. The Lack of Privacy. Granted, my roommate does go home every so often for stuff, but then the rest of the time, we're usually at each other's elbows. Which is OK and all, but I miss having a private room sometimes.

1. The tree outside my window. Yes, I live on the 8th floor and it does communicate a level of privacy for me from the ground, but then I cant post stupid signs on my window for everyone to see

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