September 08, 2007

Gross Negligence

Yes, I've been really bad about keeping you all updated about things and nuts like this. But ok, let's do some catching up. First, I need to read my own blog to see where I even am at...

(a moment later)

Okay, I have an idea now. I should think.

So since that time I felt the spine tingling notion of an all out campus war of hippies and normies, I attended the Tennessee football game on saturday. Granted, I was a little worried when every time we scored a touchdown and Tennessee would get their own back. But then, they fizzled off. During a fourth down punt, Tenn had punted the ball to DeSean Jackson who proceeded to kick ass by scoring a 70+ yard touchdown. Next time Ts had to punt, biggest pussy ever. 13 yard punt. Obviously the shining pinnacle of Tennessee's punter's achievements.

And the Brownsons, who have been always so gracious and kind to me, had taken a starving, well maybe two starving college students for dinner on Shattuck. Calzone was absoutely delicious. I wish I had more...

Sketchbooks. My room is starting to fill up with sketchbooks and art supplies. I guess that's the slow transformation into an architect. Unfourtunate for me, the mess follows me everywhere. Heh, it wasn't until two days ago when I discovered the joys and pleasures of using Tombo water based markers to color. Its like god now and i'm actually psyched about coloring. If any you really know me, you'd all know that of all things in the world, I hated coloring. Coloring tried to make amends, oh it did. But it wouldn't work. No sir it didn't. Coloring would try its best, and here's the conversation I had with it.

Zach: Oh Zeus! I can't stand coloring things!
Coloring: Oh please, try harder!
Z: why bother?
C: look, crayola came out with some really nice new line of smooth flow color pencils, no more breaking tips!
Z: Oh stop, I hate coloring still
C: Or maybe your water colors set. You love watercolors...
Z: Yeah, I do. But its so much work and alot to clean up.
C: What about finger paints?
Z: Like I said, messy.
C: I give up
*Tombo marker walks in*
T: Hey, what's goin' on in here?
C: Not much, Zach wont color?
T: Yeah? Well, try me
*Zach uses tombo marker*
Z: Ooooh *orgasm's everywhere*
C: Damn you to hell! Damn the likes of both of you!

So that's sorta what happened.

What else? I should post pictures from my sketchbook some time. I'd do it, but then i'd have to pull out my camera and stuff like that...

Well, so long for now readers!


somebody BLONDE! said...

hehehe silly Zachary. You're like opposite of me. I hate to draw, and love to color.

Mel said...

coloring is for pussies

somebody BLONDE! said...

mel only says that because she can't color for shit lol