June 27, 2007

You've asked for it

You've asked for it. Something new and "insightful". Well i'm really getting bored with the whole blogging scene. I dont know why. Honestly, I dont really feel the need to constantly express every single feeling I have in the form of a digital language in communication with the world. So today, i'll just do notes.

  • I have returneth frometh Berkeleyeth. Orientation was soo awesome. I finally got to sleep in my dorm and see what it would be like. I must say, the shower situation, not too pleasant. If you enjoy showering in an inch high amount of human filth water, then you would be rather comfortable. Lesson learned, shower in a dorm, EARLY!
  • I finally met the insatiable Zachary Taylor. No relation to the former president. None at all. But he's a big fella and he really reminds me of my big buddy Brian from Freshman year. Not an official big buddie, but he's the kind of person you really grew onto. The kind of guy you like to hug every so often. To me, he has the body of Brian, but the voice of Izzy. Zac, if you're reading this, Izzy aint a singer. Dont look it up.
  • I'm being laid up and being broken up after graduation at home. Since graduating, I bet all my friends have gone and done wild things. I know Stallman is in England, Zac visited the most romantic country in the world, (not france, they publicly urinate), Wendy's off to Cambodia, my little friend Eric is in the Philipines, some of my friends are in China or Asia or Europe. Stacey was in Los Angeles, but I no know if she back yet.
  • So what have I been doing? I've tried exercise. I look alot better than the majority of my senior year's days. I've been running and biking alot. But when it comes to carrying heavy stuff, I'll take a bus. Granted, its like a 30985095 minute wait.
  • I've built an entire city out of videotapes. I'm not sure if you guys did it as kids, but when I got bored, I'd yank out the video tapes and arrange them into city blocks and i'd get all my hotwheels out and just start creating these fictional situations. This time, it was the city of Kapoho in danger of a lava flow. The previous day, I read about the real Kapoho on Wiki.
  • I've gone swimming with Gabbi. I like swimming. I dont like cholorene. I dont know which is better though. The nasty taste on your lips when you go ocean swimming? Or the eye burning, but fresh feeling in your mouth of cholorinated pool water. Gosh. That is a good question. Maybe I like both. I know in the ocean, I wont get pruney
  • I got another guitar. This one has no name. Its sole purpose is to be modded and played around with
  • I really need to incite more things to make me want to blog


Mel said...

No, the ocean water makes you pruny. Me, Tyler and Olivia went swimming at the beach (in our clothes) and I got super pruny that day. And ruined all my clothes. You sound bored. Maybe it's time to introduce Zachary Wong to Nutella. Last summer I'd end up sitting on the couch, watching History channel, eating Nutella. You may think it's a pathetic existence, but oh it's so enjoyable. Haha.

somebody BLONDE! said...

Actually, Zach just doesn't get pruny, because he's a hairy Asian. But you should try lakes. No chlorine, AND no saltwater. All good. Is Zachary Taylor your roomate? Because, if he is, that's hilarious. A room with 2 Zacharies. Hehehe. What on earth do you consider the most romantic country in the world? French people haven't been publicly urinating for a couple centuries now, at least not more so than other types of people. Actually, designation of "most romantic country in the world" is kinda ridiculous in general, since most places are relatively equal in the romance area. Barring places with stupid dress codes, that is.

Melichigan said...

I don't know, what's a romantic place? Eh? I dunno. I tend to go to so-called romantic places in a non-romantic context. Hm. And yes, Zach is amazingly hairy. Like Asians usually aren't that hairy. But then it's like... POW! hahaha.