June 17, 2007

Where have all the posts gone?

Sorry readers. I guess I ahve been rather neglectful of you readers. Let me catch you up on what's happened since I told you guys to check out my photoshop blog.

Recently, my grandfather died. He died on the morning of senior picnic. Even with that, I still went and had fun. He would have wanted me to have fun. I miss him very much. He was the kind of grandpa that would dress like it was 1970 when he went on trips. Like Jerry Seinfeld said. Fathers tend to stop updating their wardrobes when they pass their best years. You can see it. There goes 1994, 1968, 1970, etc. But I like that about grandpa. He was kinda old fashioned and he did his best to please his grand kids. He once gave me a radio and I still use it. The battery cover's not there, but I still remember it well. He gave it to me and I played underneath their dining table pretending I was in a house and i was glad grandpa gave me a radio for my "house".

Oh gosh, then finals came along. The only thing I did shit on was Calculus. That's my most hated subject ever. Everything else, cooler than a cucumber. I actually got a perfect score on my Chem Final! Hehe...

Graduation. Gosh. Four years of high school has finally accumulated up to this. A two hour graduation ceremony plus grad night. No one has invited me to any parties and now, I feel left out. But that's me for befriending people who dont have parties... heh. With grandpa passing away, I had to change the party date.

Grad Night. Schools go to anaheim for that stuff, but we just turn the gym into something surreal. It didnt seem like the gym. that's for sure. it felt more like a play land of sorts. It was amazing. I can say that.

I'll have more posts later.


Mel said...

I used to play beneath my Grandmother's dining table (which my mother inherited... one of my relatives had surgery on it!) and I'd play games of tickling people's feet and other mischief with my cousins. Dining tables are fun. Congrats on the Chem Final. And graduation. And stuffs.

somebody BLONDE! said...

Zachary, I think you are the only child who meant pretending to own a house when they were playing house. The rest of us got stuck being things we didn't really want to be, like Maddy always made me be the dad. Mostly because I didn't like house much anyway. My cousins and I didn't hang out under dining room tables- partly because the kids' table was the nice dining room table and partly because it was much more fun to harass people while hiding under the piano.

mel said...

I always got stuck being the Mom, and Katie L and Stacey Lyons went away and talked about "private matters" of some sort while I stirred invisible beef stew! It really angered me. House was a bad game. But later our group of friends split and we ended up making up new games with Lizzy and Claire. I remember the Alligator game, and our various Harry Potter games... eheh. We still talk about them from time to time. Ah, childhood.