June 06, 2007


Sometimes, all she ever yells about is just being unable to apply myself. They regulate my life. I want to be free. Fuck, I dont even feel the right to post. She tells me to do this and that. I'm sick of hearing it. I know my wrongs today. And yet, she's still yelling at me. God and earth, I swear. She compares me to "5 AP class students" and I know these people. They have no life. I know several of them. They're mindless, boring, humorless goons. They have no fun overall. They're chained to desks and are a bunch of whipped trophy kids for parents. I dont want to be a trophy kid. I know I have potential. I know I have a future. But do I have to be pushed so hard into it? I bet you your grandfather was never pushed or shoved to get a 4.9 GPA back in his high school days. Now, we're being pushed harder than greyhounds in the winter. We slave away at work. Work we dont get sometimes because help is useless.

She told me, Band takes a back seat. Band is the ONE thing that I stay focused in. Band is the one thing that changed me personlly. Band is the very and only thing that caused my emergence and leadership skills. Without band, i'd probably have just been another god damn fucking, ass wiping pussy trophy kids who have no life other than homework and a computer. Yeah, if you really want me to work, i'll be stuck in the room and i'll never come out. I wont bother eating. That's what architecture'll be like. I'm not quite ready for that. But the one thing I want is band. Dont ever tell me, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS, that Band takes a back seat. You assume too much. If you knew everyone at my school. You could put everyone with a click. If you looked at me, Drafting or Band click. Instantly.


somebody BLONDE! said...

Zachary, let me tell you something that my brother never seems to grasp. No one can make you do jack shit when you're in college. No matter what she says and what you say back now, the fact is, you are going to go to Berkeley and do what you feel like doing anyway. She cannot put surveillance cameras in your room, she can't MAKE you do anything. She can threaten to cut off your money, but that is sure as hell an empty threat from someone who would find a college dropout son to be a disgrace to the family as I'm sure yours does. And this I tell you: my Uncle Don had time to be the student conductor and major in engineering at Cal and graduate in four years, and in general, he had a blast. My father didn't have time for anything once he had to work nights to support his family, so maybe you should tell your mom she should be grateful that you didn't get some girl pregnant. On second thought, no, don't do that. Actually, the technique I tell you to do is agree with everything she says and do it your way anyway. I don't care if it's hypocrisy, it's damn useful for saving everybody a lot of grief. Anyway, good luck on that.

newnorth said...

Parents can be agrevating. This is just my opinion but from what experience I have I think you will need band even in architecture school. At first it's easy to have new interesting ideas but sometimes you need inspiration. So I think band will be more helpfull then they think. When you see an architecture student sitting around, struggling, it's usually becuase they have no inspiration. ...and you eat to stay awake for the all nighters :p

Good luck!