December 29, 2006

I believe!

sorry about this, I'm late by a few days. So let me tell you the miracle of Santa Claus. So it's christmas day. I'm not doing anything at all this year on christmas since I had it early. So it's around 7 PM and I notice my sock still hanging on the fireplace. Mind you, this is just an ordinary tube sock. So I walk over to it, but I notice now, that it's been put under the heavy flower pot. So I lift the pot and pull out the sock and it's heavy. To my surprise, I reach in and pull out a tangerine! It's a christmas miracle! I had mentioned the day before (saturday) that I was putting up my sock in hope for a tangerine and some chocolates. Well, no chocolates, but a lovely tangerine. So i'm tearing this thing open and I look at every single piece. Not a single seed in the thing. And I ate a piece. It was the perfect tangerine. It was the best tangerine I have ever eaten. The only one without seeds I might say as well! Obviously, he cant let you go and replicate his perfect tangerine, so he uses magic to take the seeds out.

So that's the truth. I wish I had taken photos of the tangerine. But I ate it and shared it with my family. If you dont believe me, ask the 4 other people who had a wedge of it.

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