December 28, 2006

My Colorizations

Howdy there folks! I'd just thought I'd leave you all with a little christmas present before the new years. Sorry, i'm late as usual... But here they are, Colorizations!

Before I talk about these pictures, I'm going to lay a few of my principals when doing these.

Rule 1: Find humor in every subject
Images can be pretty dull at times. So when you color, give what would be a naturally dull subject (i.e. bishop of Washington D.C. or Stonecutter) a little flair with color.

Rule 2: Find beauty in every subject
This is very important. Even the lowly delivery boy can have an aura of romance, and nostalga if you color it right. Show that he wore a red shirt because it was St. Valentine's day

Rule 3: Use black and white photos
Yah, just a no-no if you try to color color photos

Rule 4: Bring your subject to life with color. Make it seem as human as possible
So, when you color, you don't really just color everything black or grey. You do as much as possible to give everything an edge, a motive, a life.

Rule 5: The sky is your's to color
You have full interpretation of each subject. You're only limited by yourself. You have the choice of being deadly accurate, or light hearted by coloring a picture of the Empire State building purple.

Rule 6: Have fun with it

So let's get started! First up is an image of President Herbert Hoover's schnauzer puppy. I dont remember it's name, but I found this cute image of him. Sitting on Mr. President's medicine balls. At first, the color seems pretty cute as is, but look at what can be done with a touch of color.

By coloring the balls and the puppy itself, you give each item life. Also, I whitened the wall since it was the white house you know...

This is where the Humor Philosophy comes from. Take a rather uningenious character like Calvin Coolidge, and show him playing and exercising with the speaker of the house.

Breathe in a little color, and it seems they're really exercising.

Subjects, such as this one of Matthew Brady usually can be a bit monotone, and by coloring each article of clothing a different color, You get a bit more of an interesting result.

A more realistic, and life like Matt Brady

The Beauty Philosophy comes from this little pretty picture here. We've got John Coolidge riding a horse. Seen it. Millions of other pictures look just like it. Wrong. A shade of chestnut brown, then another coloring for the trees, grass and of course, young master Coolidge.

You end up with a more Photographic, colored, realistic result. Although I admit, sometimes some things dont look real at all.

Rule five comes from here. Here, i'm set up with a slight Dilemma here. The colors of the jackets should be blue like Union colors, but to give this image the life it begs, you stray from the norm. It's ok. You have the option of coloring whatever you want, whatever you want. So, everything else is pretty normal except for the color of their cloth. Also, as an added subtle feature, the two gentlemen are the only colored thing in the image.

With a touch of red, these two men seem to bring out a bygone era of gentlemen warriors.

Every so often, you choose to take a rather large idea and really just color the hell out of it.

Like this cigar shop, I touched it up and gave each individual box a bit of color.

Hello Mr. Coolidge. Well folks, thanks for reading this much. Enjoy these images I have done for all of you. Just kidding. I was bored as hell.


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