December 22, 2006

Rating Punctuation

Hey all, I felt like doing this post since there was nothing better to do.

The Exclamation Point [!]
What more can I say. You stick it to the end of a sentence, it's instantly tacky. Such as:
"I know what you want you see!"

The Question mark [?]
10/10 (Z Choice)
It's ruggedness, versatility and great use makes it an all round excellent piece of punctuation.

The period [.]
Sometimes you dont know when to use it just right, but when you do, Oh boy will it sting! It's a great one, but sometimes, you feel it just doesn't belong sometimes.

The apostrophe [']
A confused little thing, it apparently is the substitute of missing letters in words: O'er, 'is, 'eer. Dont get me started on contractions and possessive use. Jane's, Bob's, Dave's, Don't, Ya'aaaaawl. What's up with that?

The quotation mark ["]
Useful alot especially when quoting people. haha! <-- tacky [!]

The Tilde mark [~]
Aparently, it makes several people horny, but in other cases, useless. But more entertaining than using the [!].

The backwards apostrophe [`]
Never used it before

The at symbol [@]
10/10 (Z Choice)
Super useful and good job with the swoosh thing.

The pound sign [#]
It comes up occasionally but other than that. Utterly useless, but useful when needed.

The dollar sign [$]
Who doesn't want this?

The Percent sign [%]
Kinda sexy with it's provocative "o's"

The carrot [^]
Unless i'm typing up math on the computer, I find this as useful as a pile of doggy doo doo

The And swooshy thing [&]
If you look carefully, it's like Rodin's thinker. It's a great piece of work. Especially with it's brother the "e" shaped and.

The Star [*]
10/10 (Z Choice)
Great for typing up emotions. *whimper* *fart*. Catch my drift? *fart*

The parentheses [(] [)]

The underscore [_]
Great for writing incredibly long email addresses and URLs

The dash [-]
Nothing fun about it

The plus [+]
We're deviating too far from real punctuation

The bracket [[] []]
Useful in that my bracket's are bracketed

The sexy bracket [{] [}]
Brackets with nipples! *laughs*

the back slash [\]
The button is hard to find.

The watchamacallit [|]
Not useful at all. This is the loner, black sheep, retard of the punctuation family.

The colon [:]
Hee hee... colon

The comma [,]
Useful, but dangerous if over used. I'm surprised i'm just writing about them now...

The arrow thingies [<] [>]
Somewhat useful, but other than that, you'll never use them. Ever. Except that one time involving that Chick we picked up in Yonkers...

The Slash [/]
10/10 (Z Choice)
The bigger, better brother of the \. It's better used and it's easier for my finger to find.

The semicolon [;]
Useless! I don't even know when to use you! You suck. You fail at life!

The upside down question mark [¿]
It's fun to throw off loved ones with this little toy

The Music note [♪] [♫]
10/10 (Z Choice)
Yay! Music nerd ooberness!

The Female symbol [♀]
Not punctuation...

The orange with cloves [☼]

Ok, I think we're waaaay too far from the true definition of punctuation... Well, that about wraps it up. Goodnight and Happy Festivus

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bdub said...

:( i really like the exclamation point ... like 30 days till august 10th! sooo only 26 days till im state side again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*kis* ;)

i love you. As well, I used many of the punctuation that you don't care for - ^_^

ahahahah. i suck, don't i? i will continue to read your blog at random because i really miss you and i don't want to study and i just want you to call even though i know that you're busy today :(

*sad* *pokes ground with stick until she gets to hear from her moose*