September 24, 2006


I just looked at someone's myspace. Somehow this little 5'3" person thinks he's a thug. He wrote a bulletin all thuggy. The word Ass was predominate along side with the word kick. Then to top it off, he also added: Dont go messaging me cause you know what you did. No we dont you dumb imbicile! The whole purpose is to inform us that something happened to your car. Not to accuse us. If you want to inform that something happened to your car, then tell us. Dont be a whiny little bitch about it. How the hell do we know, do we care about your car? And another thing, next time you're in a book store, which might be never, pick up a dictionary. Your message is riddled with grammatical errors.

Oh and one more thing. Before you plan on kicking the "sht" out of us, grow some balls and handle a situation more adult like rather than starting a fight with some random person.

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