September 11, 2006

The largest crock of shyt AKA New Age Healing

Howdy, y'll. You can tell by my title, that I hate New Age techniques. Who ever heard of aromatherapy being a "legit" form of treatment? God you people, you have scientists rolling around in their graves. Understandably, not all synthetics are good, but when you turn to eating roots some man in a tunic and a ponytail dug from his yard. How the hell do you even know if the root is ok to even eat? What if the root came from an Oleander bush? What then!? You'd be flat on your back pushing up daisies. Understandable, that the chinese practiced herbal medicines. But that's all that was available. And they were good at it too! They at least went through the trouble of understanding how it reacts and what happens if you use it. But nowadays, we're just scammers and con artists. It's late, I'm off to bed.

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