September 23, 2006

I laughed and I meant it

Today, I had gone out for dinner in Hayward. But along the way, we had to stop in San Lorenzo to pick up a few things. But on the offramp, I noticed this car pulled onto the shoulder. It's one of those pimped out cars with massive 22" rims and custom paint job. But something was wrong. A can of something was attached to its front tire. Oh, it's one of those compressed air things... But both his tires are flat. I laughed out loud for once (rare since I lost the ability to laugh alot* There's nothing he can do about it. Since taking off the rim is out of the question, he'd have to take off the entire unit, mod the brakes and lug his tire into the back of his custom suede lined trunk. You obviously dont think sir, that when you buy tires that thin, you cant change them when they go flat. And another thing, what's the point of buying tires like that if you dont ever race your car? They go flat easily and for another thing, your XXXXXXXXL tshirt looks like everyone else's. You think you're that cool? You think you're an individual and unique? You are in some ways, but you're just another fucking sheep in the world. Who idolizes rappers and not scientists. You suck. You have no mind of your own and you spend more on your car than your girlfriend. I bet those 2000 dollar rims wont do any good now eh? Last I heard, you took your girlfriend out for dinner. At a burrito shop. In Oakland. Oh Snap! Hahah, Sir, like Mr. Galawy, I laugh in your face. I laugh in the face of danger. I laugh because I hate your culture and the stupidty it brings on today's youths. And on the way out, I noticed how you had to get your friend in the football jersey with sleeves longer than his arms to pick you up in his 82 Celica. How pathetic. You spent 2000 on rims which you only enjoy by looking at and getting curb appeal, 84 cents on a "romantic" dinner with your "dressed like a ho" girlfriend who probably whines about everything, and 10 bucks for "groceries" *imitates sniffing noises* So get a job, stop tricking out your car. It's not a good car. It's a freaking buick. It's like putting spinners on a VW beetle. It sucks beyond all relief. Oh and next time, dont buy your clothes at places for Big and Tall. Cause you aint neither of them.

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