December 28, 2007

Surviving 10 minutes into the future: Holidays

Let's take a metaphorical example. Then tweak it. You've been thrown into the future. TEN WHOLE MINUTES.

So at this point you're wondering. What possible other situations can we go through. Well, As a college student, you'll have more situations than old highschool self. So right now, we're going to cover the survival guide for 10 minute jumps in your holidays.

Surviving through Christmas:
1. If you've somehow managed to wind up at a party, good for you. 10 minute jumps are pretty common at this point. I'd be pretty safe and sure that what you're experiencing is drunkenness. So lucky for you. You wont remember a damn thing that night. Unless you somehow wind up in some totally awesome or strange situations. Lets mete Dave. he's a student at CSU Hayward. (I know its not called that nymore, but I dont care. I still call it what I want to call it. I'm stubborn that way :D) Ok. So Dave is at his friend's party. Dave is at Kate's party and and he's intoxicated. Obviously. Let's watch.
Dave: Kaaaaate! Great super fun-tastic part.
Kyle: I'm Kyle dude.
D: Oh. Sory KAAAAATE!!!!1!
Kate: Oh hey d-dave. How are you?
D: Totally kick ass man.
K: I see you found the booze. That was locked in my parent's cabinet.
D: Totally
*time quirk*
D: wha?
K: that was the worst sex ever. never ever ever call me again!

So what went wrong there? Obviously, Dave's endowment wasn't large enough. But then again, you gotta play your actions and times just right.

D: Hey man, how's things?
Kyle: Cool, Kate throws pretty nice bashes. Hey. Kate's parents keep a ton of booze stashed in a glass cabinet in the office. Wanna go punch it in and get really started up?
D: Nah i'm cool
*time quirk*
D: bwah?
*In a kegstand*
D: Woooooo! *beer shoots out from everywhere*
Kyle: Damn Dave!
*time quirk again*
kate: Best sex ever!

So you gotta play your cards just right.

2. The inevitable Family Get together. Meet Maurice. He's just come home from college. He's going to have to sit through conversations with his relatives and on and on and on. But play into a time quirk correctly, it can be good. Make sure, you always have a rebound excuse if you're suddenly pulled into a trap.
Maurice: So uncle Dave, how are you
UD: I'm good. How's school.
M: not bad
UD: Good. I hope your grades are up
M: They are
UD: When I was there at Vartonol U, I used to hang out at...
*time quirk*
UD: So do you recall any sort of place called the pink pussy?
M: Only on weekends.
UD: Hahah! Good lad. Here's a beer.

Surviving through Ethnic Holidays
As I celebrate neither ethnic holidays usually celebrated around this time of year, I wont go into too much detail.
*time quirk*
And that's what you call a triple kwanza shot.

So in a nutshell, that's all that it is. Merry christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy whatever else, and Happy New years! So have a good one time travellers. I'm your blogger, Czach

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