April 29, 2007

Surviving Fog

For those of you people who live in places where words like: hella! hecka! homie-g, dawg, bizitch dont exist tell me where you live and I will live with you. Just kidding. But seriously, I cant tolerate the levels of lower caste slang. From now on, i'm just going to refer to the people who perpetuate the stereotype of being "ghetto" even though you live in a rich city, the untouchable caste. Whatever happened to the caste system? It put people in their place, even if it was racist.

Sure, the whites pretty much dominated, but at this day and age, i'm sure we all can agree that a caste system is in good due order. As my punctuation. I may be racist, but i'm all for isolating the ghetto continuation people. Somehow, rappers show that not being musically inclined is somehow being musical and also being ghetto means a great life! What a load of bull honkey. In the 13 years of being a musician, I was trained to be understanding, educated, and to read music. Sure I didnt learn, but a good ear can help. If you ask any rapper to do a piece in compound meter, they'd just tell you to get the f*** out of their face before they pop a cap in yo' ass. They're just covering up the fact that they dont know jack.

On prom now. Every prom i've been to has involved two things, rap music and fuck dancing. My school seriously has killed social dances for me. In its entirety. I cant stand rap, you cant dance to it without looking like you're in the middle of sexual intercourse. Is that what school is trying to promote? Having sex while listening to music where every other word is damn, bitch, ho or fuck? If I had the option, I wouldn't go to these things. But I know, the key to a healthy life is a healthy relationship with people. Even if it means looking like an ass while dancing like an ass to music that sounds like it came out of an ass's ass.

I mean seriously, if you look at the senior demographic of my school. I would say about 24% acts ghetto, 40% acts normal, 20 percent is into indie and rock, 10 percent loves heavy metal and punk, 5 percent is emo and 1 percent is totally unsociable. So if only about 24 percent listens to rap, enjoys rap and whatnot, that's not a majority is it hm? And yet, they have complete dominance at proms and dances where everything is "buttfuck bizitches all night long. yo yo yo"


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