April 29, 2007

Lately... some notes

  • I admit it. I dont give a damn about proper nouns and capitals when it comes to myspace, facebook, AIM, MSN and whatnot. I decided apparently subconsciously, to give up all hope of correct grammar and spelling.
  • I buy too many hats. In the past month, I've already bought two new hats. The new era fitted cap from Quicksilver and the YoungAn panama hat. I like the panama, but it's slightly damaged. But it looks very good on me.
  • I havent been posting as much. Yes I know. Last month was an awesome posting month since I tried to compete with the number of posts to what day of the month it was. This month, a mere piddly single digit number.
  • Unless I decide to crank out 10 posts tonight and tomorrow.
  • I am going to Cal. UC Berkeley baby. I just got my calmail today too.
  • I found a mattress on the ground in SF today. I was tempted to jump on it.
  • Last week, I actually paid for *cough* you know. That stuff. On the internet. To watch. Yeah... Well I feel awkward now. Like there's nothing else to do at night.

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