October 21, 2006

Cal Game: 102106

So today, the Brownsons took me out to the Cal game against washington! I got to meet Sally's little friend, Donatello or Bits as Sally refers to her. They're always so nice to me. At the game, the bears were rather sloppy in the first half. But then, the cheer in today's Snoopy came to me: Woof woof, arf, arf, get them in the second harf! then the bears began gaining ground again. Mostly the work of Defence though. Longshore's passes kept overshooting his intended targets and it took them a while to start passing the ball short distances. When the bears did catch a long ball, they seemed to get overzealous and screw it up and the ball ended up back in the huskie's hands. But the second half, the Bears began to score alot and 4 seconds on the clock, Cal is up 24 to 17. The huskies pass, three bearsmen go for it, but it slips out and a Husky grabs it and touchdown, 24:24. Damn overtime but thank god we went for the 2 points after. Bears first, touchdown! Huskies turn, interception! the Bears got the ball! The BEARS got the BALL! and down at the Washington 25 yard line! THE BEARS HAVE WON!! THE BEARS WON!! *hands slapping* Yelling* Screaming* hugging* But wait... no one has charged the field... wtf... I've yet to see a field charge. This time, thankfully no one got lost, espically Bits which would have been pretty troublesome. On another note, Sally spilled diet soda on me. She'd better be thankful its got barely any soda and the stuff wasnt sticky... that much... *evil grin*

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