October 15, 2006

The girl that sat there...

On saturday morning, I was subject to the subject tests for the SATs. God I hate taking tests. But anyways, down to the meaty bits of this entry. I was to take my test inside the Media Center of my high school and there was this girl who was sitting at the table on my left. I looked at her. She looked just like this one girl in Allentown I have a crush on. As I took my test, I couldnt help but look at her whenever I had the chance. God she was beautiful. Sadly, I probably wont see her again since i've never seen her at AHS before nor does she attend AHS. Her shirt said St. Ignatius Volleyball and dejected, I slunked off as I finished my tests. But on the plus side, I went to the 13th annual classic car show on Park St. Which was totally fun! Photos of that event

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