June 05, 2011


The accusation is that people of the Islamic faith are shorting themselves of the intellectual capacity potential by "inbreeding" with first cousins. Now, if memory serves me right, most of the royal families of the world are all related. From all the sekxsy times with victoria and albert. As Blackadder put it, the bedchambers of buckingham must be copiously supplied with blindfolds for all the children she potters out. Here even in america, those who listen to this, chances are, they may have skipped the first cousin bit. Yeah, went straight for the sister.

Now... in the bible, in genesis in particular, there's no mention of a sister or any other female born with Cain and Able, so that means, either, they would have done it with a bastard sibiling unmentioned in the bible or with their mother. Now, that sounds far worse than first cousins. Especially all the men begatted from their line. Now, explain to me, all the men who are begat from Adam and Eve, and no women to birth them? Eve must have a pretty tired and stretched out vagina by the time you finish reading the bible.

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