December 13, 2009

Moped Diaries: Day 8 part one

I struggled to fall asleep that night at the YMCA. Here's a synopsis of what happened that night:

10pm: German hiking group returns from wherever drunken and singing some nationalist song
11pm: Germans proceed to start dancing in hiking boots
12pm: The vomit chorus proceeds in the hallway
12:01am: Sounds of mirth and hilarity as the others start laughing at the unfortuntate fellow.
12:30am: Finally fall asleep
1:29am: Awoken by loud arguing between a Quebecois & German traveller
1:40am: Still trying to fall asleep to nationalist argument
2am: Finally fall asleep, again.
6am: Woken by sound of the Korean guy's alarm clock next door.
6:02am: Swear to take a hit on Korean guy's loved ones
6:15am: fall back asleep
10:12am: Wake up on own accord. Notices one of the Germans in the room is totally naked
10:15am: Wait for German to leave because of an erection
10:40am: Plans to take contract hits on Korean guy & German man's loved ones
11am: Ashton wakes up. Walks around with stiffy.

We redressed in our motorcycle clothes. With our bags in the main dining room, we sat for a quiet morning breakfast of sausages, carrots, mashed potatoes and couscous. We looked at each other in the hall, it seemed to just go on forever. Our faces showed signs of growth again, each of us sporting a bit of tussle under and above the lips. My fork scratched lightly against the porcelain plate. The brown ring around the edge spoke to me. I tried to imagine a time when the color brown was a popular color, let alone fashionable. The last time I could recall was either in the seventies or in the early nineties when the whole nature thing was popular again, pushing out that artificial era called the eighties.
Ashton was pushing the food around as well, except he was using a spoon. I watched lazily as he shaped his potatoes into a small mound and dropped a pile of peas into it. Then, he pressed the back of his spoon into them. The mound of potatoes looked like a beach ball covered in pimples or something. He snapped and looked up at me looking at him. Caught by surprise, my fork fell to a clatter on the plate.
Our bikes were reloaded with the canvas saddle bags, jerry cans and bags. Ashton took off first and then I followed him. The city of Vancouver was sleek and beautiful around us. The sun gleamed off the sky scrapers and we looped around several times through the downtown part of the city. Steam issued from the grates, the road was crisp and the white scarf trailing from ashton's helmet made the world feel carefree and senseless. I leaned over the gas tank, I could feel it rumbling below my chest as the engine chugged away. After several laps around the town, we drove south through Richmond, then finally arrived at Tsawassen.

The lanes at Tsawassen stretch for a mile out. Long columns of cars sit idle waiting for the next ferry and their contents mill about either going to the small kiosk for coffee or stood around chatting with one another. Ashton and I pulled behind a small minivan, the family inside was standing outside of it talking. The ticketer walked up to us and handed us two tickets as we exchanged with him twenty dollars.
The Spirit of British Columbia blew its horn, a loud shockwave resounded over the parked cars. Everyone piled into their vehicles. Ashton and I packed away our little hackey sack and remounted the bikes. The ship drew close, the doors opened and cars began to come out of the open doors. And once they were out, the cars slowly began to pull into the ships. Other ships followed after and slowly, all the lanes emptied out. We pulled into the ship and doors closed.


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