June 18, 2009


"Time machines do exist,
in the form of music.
So easily a song can take you to a time in your past, and make you feel like you're there again."

I tried to come up with what made me nostalgic. What triggered feelings both unwanted, and warranted. I tried to live things, the way my body intended to remember them forever.

Whenever I look at a fixed gear bicycle-I suddenly remember the past five months. Struggling with parts, learning and crashing. Falling and then picking myself up again. Nowadays, I ride and could have no other care than going from place to place.

When I drink out of my Sigg bottle-I can't help but remember my birthday, but also where this bottle's been. If it could tell a story, I'd write it here.

Whenever I listen to Abba-I cry a little inside

When the smell of pink grapefruit hovers over a certain stuffed moose-I can only think of warm summer nights, and chlorine packed days

When I browse my CD collection-I can suddenly remember my awkwardness in high school

When I watch hockey-I suddenly feel lonely, but I still force myself to watch the game until the end.

Wherever there's a squelchd magazine-I think of welcome week of freshman year

Whenever I paint-the world's weight lifts itself from my bare shoulders

When a friend hugs me-I think of everything we've been through

When I play my clarinet-I can only start to remember the tales and journeys it has been on

Try it yourself. Find what things remind you of more things. Stimulate your senses and take a trip, both good and bad, and just write, remember and keep your chin up.

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