June 02, 2008

298 Train

The train sighed as it rounded a corner on the steep grade. The daylight shone through the clear observation car window and the snow still came. You and I, we sat in a small but private booth, our legs underneath a fur throw. The Canadian rockies passed the window, countless on end. Cliffs, ledges and outcrops all seemed to howl with a majesty only the Canadians could create. The beauty of nature, the beauty of your face. The porter came by and refilled the pot of coffee. He also placed a small stove on the table to keep our upper halves warm.

Night fell, the coal stove had burned out and the car was filled with card sharks and gossip hogs. After eleven, the car cleared out, except for the two of us. As if we had never moved. Our arms still about each other and our feet warm from the cold. You sighed as the lights were extinguished and the moon streaked and lit up the car with a cold eerie light. You looked at me and you laid your head back down onto my chest. The night went on until three when we both were tired. We retired back to the cabin carriage, you climbed into the top bunk, and I into the lower one. Five minutes later, we both were in the top bunk.

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bdub said...

:)Will the moose be there too?