February 05, 2008

Dream Log: Feburary 5, 2008

It is 8 minutes before 9 pm. I have volunteered to ring the bell nine times marking the approach of nine Oclock. I am on the Campiniele. But something about it doesn't seem right at all. Instead of the hammers you hit your hand with, there were levers you had to pull to make the bells go. Leighna was there. Apparently, she works at that specific campiniele doing maintainence work there. But finding out what they had to do was the weird part. They would hang off the ledge, using only their feet to hold onto something. What was more strange was that the black and white photograph of the two people doing it, was captioned: Collecting the seeds. How strange I would think. To hang off the side of a tower and collect seeds using only your feet to hold you up.

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