July 15, 2006

I killed something pregnant!

Oh yuck...

I'm working in the atrium by my window today. I 'm just clearing dirt from the house walls when I find a roly-poly bug to play with. So i'm rather fascinated by it. Whoops... I drop it several times... And then I start flinging it in the air and it hitting the shovel when it lands. Seems fun. But usually... the roly polies would curl up into balls when they're being attacked. I thought that seemed odd so when it stopped moving alot and it was on its back, i took a twig and poked it's stomach.

What happened next made me sick beyond relief. The stick pierced its stomach releasing a small amout of fluids and little white roly polies. I realized then, I killed a pregnant roly poly. But another oddity. They began to move around and started walking all over the spade. My mom has a good look at them and then I set to killing them as well. So either, it's a mass murder or a genocide. You decide. Was me killing roly polies genocide or murder? Young baby r-p's. Think about it. Sure they're just babies... but they're gross and disgusting as well as garden pests...

On a lighter note, My mom ripped out a timer box from the wall and we found a whole bunch of rolie polies with their color sucked out thanks to a giant spider we found under the box.

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