March 17, 2010

Movie Review: Paris (2008)

Going through my netflix today, I stumbled upon a really beautiful film I had en-queued but since it was recently just released in the US, it was put on watch now. The cinematography is amazing and the choice of music and soundtracking is excellent. I highly recommend it.

It follows the stories of several people around the city of Paris. Though several of the story lines never interacts, some do come in contact with each other without even knowing it. Just to give you an idea, the main story follows Pierre and those around him. He's diagnosed with a disease and his miserable attitude just creates a wall of just interaction and I've never seen anything like it before. I mean, I've watched movies with just as many story lines but never interacting in the way that Cedric Klapisch had woven the movie.

On scene, the movie takes advantage of many parts of Paris, the beautiful architecture and all sorts of wonderful sets as far off as French Morocco and Cameroon.

if that doesn't interest you, you see Melanie Laurent in a bra for a few moments. That made me happy enough.

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