April 03, 2008

It's Just That!

Finding this old entry, I couldn't remember what I was writing about. But let's make the entry one that is the openings to very Zachesque pieces of writing.

Growing tired and weary, I sat on the on the stoop. It was still wet from the morning dew, but I didn't mind. I could feel the seat of my overalls growing cold from the dampness and I shifted over in discomfort. My wrist watch said it was almost half past nine. The truck was late. As usual. I couldn't help but scoff and spit in disgust at the driver's tardiness. I suppose he couldn't help it.

The room was dark and quiet. The dust moaned softly underfoot as I walked along the edge of the enormous carpet. Professor Van De Glehn would have wanted it this way. I just couldn't let three years of research mold away in his abandoned office. I knew they would be somewhere, but it most certainly would be hard find thanks to vandals. The office remained relatively untouched apart from a few books lying on the floor here and there.

Rejection finally hit him. Roger had tried everything from speed dating to online services. The only thing left was to walk through those doors. The swinging french doors squealed with a piggy-like giddy and no one took notice of the new entrant. He sidled to the bar and ordered a scotch on rocks. Looked around and left.

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