March 30, 2006

Transcendentalism: A boneheaded idea

Idiots attempt to reconnect with nature rather than to embrace the world that we have so created. They stretch from the wreckers from the disjointers. But lets focus on the disjointers. They have freed themselves from society and created this new religion where man is the focus of life. Is that true? We created gods as scape goats, and hopes. When something went wrong, we blamed religion. When something went right, we thanked it. But now, they blame themselves and hail themselves for achievements they might not have done. Why did it stop flooding? Cause I did it. Why is my house on fire? I did it. Not exactly the best way to go around. A vengeful god is what we all need and respect. Thoureau wrote a book. His walden was to get people to start taking transcendentalism to heart. Yet, there's a section in his book devoted to his anger at creating a path that others would follow. And yet, he writes the book to get others to follow and contradict. Followers of this Transcendentalism craze obviously died stupid and unsatisfied. Chris McCandless went to alaska and travelled all over america. Why did he travel? Because he was unsatisfied. How did he die might I ask? A virgin. How did Thoreau die? A virgin. So if you want to go back to nature and rough out life, let me say this. You're going to die a virgin. So dont take it to heart. Love nature, but not to the point where you disobey the law of man to follow the law of the land. The law of man was created because the law of the land could not provide and was too vague in a sense. The laws created by man have their defined limits, but for the good of lives. When we cross that boundary, we step into a world that is hauntingly breathtaking at first, but we find eventually dangerous beyond the point of return. So let this be a lesson. Give it up. Smash your dream and live.

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